We provide High-Impact and Eye-catching Mobile Advertising Campaigns that Promotes Ideas, Brands, Businesses and Charity Causes.

WheelyAds is an Oxford based mobile billboard advertising company that provides high-impact, cost-effective, and 100% eco-friendly outdoor advertising solutions to a variety of organisations and businesses within and outside Oxford.
We partner with clients, businesses, charities and other media agencies to drive a brand or idea with our mobile billboards to potential customers or a target audience.
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Our services are tailored to meet any campaign requirement and we lend our expertise to any size of business.


Our advertising bicycles are uniquely urban and eco-friendly message delivery machines, which are visually powerful both in a rolling and stationary capacity.
We can immerse our advertising bicycles into a range of different day-to-day environments and high-frequency locations to access the hotspots that traditional advertising platforms can only dream of.


“No cycling zone”? No Problem! Our Ad or Promo walkers can get your message across audiences in areas that can’t be reached with a bike. We offer an affordable and direct media solution that allows innovative advertising with unlimited power to gain immediate attention. This form of advertising is fun, interactive and targeted directly at your audience.


We now provide the option for you to hire our bicycle trailer billboards and self-promote at your own pace. We will guide you through the easy setup process and support you all the way in ensuring your targets are realised.


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